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MapSource-Map for Corse

MapSource-Map for Corse.
To work with Garmin's MapSource-Software and for Upload to all mapable gps devices of Garmin. The map can also be used - with some additional (self-)work - for GPS-devices of ALAN and with some additional (self-)work for Magellan Triton. Therefore I will forward your questions to Alex.

I got positive feedback from users handling with these Garmin devices:
- GPSMap 62, 62s, 62st und GPSMap 78, 78s
- Oregon 300, 400, 500
- Colorado 300
- GPSMap 60C(S)(x) und GPSmap 76C(S)(x)
- eTrex-Serie
- Streetpilot 2610 GPS
- GPSMap 176
- iQue m5 und iQue 3600
- Quest
- Nüvi 250, 255, 300 und 350 (delux)
- Nüvi 660
- Zumo
- GPS 276C
- GPS C320
- G60
- Edge 705

At the moment the map contents the following objects:
  • 20-meter-contourlines
  • most of the popular walking-trails (GR20, Mare e monti, Mare a mare, a.o.)
  • some mountain-huts
  • some campsites (but not complete)
  • some POIs (Points-of-Interest), most of them can be searched in the GPS

  • How ... much ?
    The map is for free. You can use it both on your gps and on your computer with an installed version of MapSource which you must buy. Alternatively you can also install Garmin's free software "BaseCamp".
    You can use the map on as many PCs as you want and you are welcome to join the map with other Corse-freaks.
    But it is not allowed to decompile the map or use the content in other maps without my acceptance.

    It would be nice of you if you like to help to keep the map up-to-date. For that you can send me recorded tracks (especially highland-tracks), positions of campsites, filling stations, sightseeing-objects and everything important, which is wrong or shouldn't be missed in the map. The positions should be recorded as accurate as possible - most suitable with gps. Tracks might be saved as ActiveLog to avoid reduction by the device.
    The data can be saved as MapSource-format (gdb or gpx) or as QuoVadis-format (*.qu4). And of course in every format which can be converted with G7toWin. Feel free to send the data via email you find at the frontside of our homepage.

    How ... is the map built ?
    The software I used:
    QuoVadis (full version), to prepare tracks and positions.
    GPSMapEdit (full version), to draw the vector-maps.  (thanks to Konstantin !)
    cGPSMapper (shareware), to compile the vector-maps to MapSource-IMG-files.  (thanks to Stan !)
    3DEM, to view and cut SRTM-GeoTiff-Data.
    Dem2Topo (Beerware), to convert SRTM-GeoTiff to MapEdit-files.
    genTYP and MapSetToolKit for TYP definitions

    The contourlines are automatically generated from the free 3"-DEM-data. Very steap or crumbled (i.e. gorge) terrain is deviating from reality caused by the resolution of the data. If there will be more accurate 1"-DEM-data for free I will implement it. (thanks for any hints about this)

    How ... to put the map into MapSource or to a "map-able" Garmin GPS-device ?
    1. alternative:
    Viewing the map with MapSource (from there the map can be uploaded on your gps)
    MapSource-Maps you installed before will not be affected.
  • Required is a full done installation of Garmin's MapSource-software (doesn't matter what map: MetroGuide, CitySelect...)
  • download the complete-installation and run it.
  • That's it! Start MapSource and choose the map "Corse-Topo" (and zoom in, because Corse is not so big ;-)).
  • for any updates of the map just download the complete-installation and deinstall the older and install the newer version.

    2. alternative:
    Import and view the map in QuoVadis (just import the tdb-file!). From there the map can also be uploded to the device.
    Advantage of this alternative is that the map can be overlayed over a scanned and calibrated raster-map.
    More informations about QuoVadis you will get by the link above.
  • download the complete-installation and run it.
  • for any updates of the map just download the complete-installation and deinstall the older and install the newer version.
  • Import the map easily into QuoVadis by reading the online-help of QuoVadis. (Time to import less than 1 minute)

    3. alternative:
    Direct upload to the device without any loop way of MapSource. For that you need i.e. the software "SendMap":
  • SendMap (freeware, WIN), application to upload the img-files to the gps-device.
  • SendMap (freeware, DOS), to upload the img-files to the gps-device. (example: sendmap20.exe -tUSB 77330101.img 77330102.img ...)
  • SendMap (freeware, LINUX & PalmOS & PocketPC).

    4. alternative: exclusively for Mac-users and tested by Christian
  • download the zip-file below
  • Due to some incompatibility MacOS does not correctly unzip the zip-file. So it is necessary to unzip the file with the free software "Stuffit Expander". You can get Stuffit Expander within the Apple App Store or directly from the manufacturer.
  • After installation of Stuffit Expander drop the zip-file on the Stuffit window and the map will be unpacked. As a result you get a file named Island-Topo.gmapi.
  • Get Garmin MapManager to convert this file for using with Garmin BaseCamp.

  • What you should know ...
    The map is and will be tested and used on a Garmin GPSmap 62st by myself. On my gps the map is ok.
    The density of the map-details depends on the zoom and the settings in MapSource and on the device.

    Disclaimer (I have to tell you):
    I do not take any responsibility or liability ...
  • for damages or errors on your software-installations including also your operating system
  • for damages or errors on your gps-device
  • for damages or errors which are caused by the use of this map
  • as well as for the content of the map itself

    Map errors can not be completely excluded because of limited possibilites of verfication by myself.

    The data must not be used for life-critical navigation purposes.
    Everyone navigating with gps must also know how to navigate without it.

  • Where ?
    Here is the download:
  • complete installation as an EXE-file   (3.026kb, status: Jan 16th 2012)
  • complete installation as zip for Mac-users   (2.791kb, status: Jan 16th 2012) (see installation alternative no.4 above)

    To reduce installation support I now just offer the map as a complete installation (exe). If you deinstall the map all files and registry keys will be deleted correctly.

    Please read description above for FIRST-TIME-INSTALLATION & UPDATES.

    The map will be actualized unsteady, just take a look at our homepage.
    Maybe you are also interested in our fotos and travelogues from Iceland and other places ...

  • MapSource and BaseCamp are copyrighted by Garmin Ltd.TM
    More about Garmin's gps-devices and MapSource you will find at Garmin.com